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Full Name: Jonathan Alan Horton
Nicknames: Jon, Jonny
Height: 5'2"
Hobbies: goin out with friends, playing video games
Coaches: Cypress- Tom meadows OU- Mark Williams.
Began: 4 years old
Best Event: High bar
Most memorable gymnastics moment: Winning the team bronze at the Olympics

Least Favorites:

Least favorite event:was rings.
Least favorite skill: I don't have a favorite and least favorite event. I love all of the events. If I didn't like one of them I probably wouldn't be able to get any better at it.


Event: high bar
Skill: any release move on highbar
Gymnast: My favorite gymnast is LiXiaopeng from China. He is so crisp and clean and he does some awesome skills
Athlete non-gymnast: My favorite athletes are Tiger Wood and LeBron James. Both of those guys are unbelievable athletes and they really know how to represent their sports
Singer/band: 311
Actor: Mel Gibson
Color: Blue
T.V. Show: Family Guy
Movie: Gladiator & Braveheart
Store: Banana Republic
Food: I love all food
Drink:Vanilla Coke
Day of the week: Friday
Sport other than gymnastics: Football

Fun Questions:

    • Do you have any pre-meet or post meet rituals?

      I pray a lot

    • Best moment while an NCAA gymnast:

      Winning the National championship my senior year. The team wasn't expected to win at all, and we pulled through at the end to inch out Stanford

    • Something fans would be surprised to know:

      Im a big video game nerd. I can sit at my computer and play games for like 8 hours straight

    • Top 5 songs you listen to on your ipod:

      Difficult question. I love all music and I wouldn't say I listen to anything more than others

    • Best thing about going on tour:

      Just spending so much time with my best friends. Everyone is tour is extremely close and you never want to seperate when its over

    • What has life been like post-Olympics, post-tour?Have you ever been recognized outside of the gym?

      Life has been crazy. I get recognized a lot! especially in norman, Oklahoma where I go to school. I have made a lot of appearances around the country, and I have done about a million interviews. The fame has been awesome and I don't think I ever want it to end.

    • If you could describe yourself in 5 words what would they be?

      Loving, blessed, thankful, persistent, and patient

    • You've received lots of fan mail, with people saying how much they look up to you and that you’re their inspiration as young gymnasts. How does this make you feel? and what do you want to tell other young gymnasts?

      Getting all of the fan mail is awesome. I never imagined in a million years that I would inspire so many people. Im so greatful for all of the words of encouragement I have received and it has been amazing to see that so many people were right there with me every step of the way during the Olympics. I would tell young gymnast that anything is possible. There will be ups and downs in gymnastics but if you set goals you can accomplish them if your heart really wants it bad enough

    • What was your biggest difficulty to overcome in gymnastics?


    • Biggest splurge after the Olympics?

      BMW 335i. haha

    • How many days/hours a week do you train?

      4 hours a day. Six days a week

    • If you could be an Olympian in another sport what would it be?

      Arial Skiing in the winter Olympics

    • How did you feel to be picked for Pan Ams in 2003?

      It was awesome, didn't know i was gonna get picked

    • What are your strengths and weaknesses as a gymnast?

      My strengths are that im very aggressive and I like to work hard or I feel like somebody is always getting better than me, I can't have that. I'm also pretty strong but my weaknesses are that i'm not very flexible and I kinda suck on pommel horse, I have to work overtime on that event